Wednesday, June 25, 2014

it feels good to be back in SF!

it's feeling good to be back in SF this week
for a few reasons... 1) coming back here
gets my mind off my parents moving and 
reminds me that we live away and have our
own adventure out here! 2) we have our darling
new apartment to come home to, and i am in
love with it. i can't wait to use these weeks in
between jobs to organize and put the place together!
3) i made it back just in time for the caitlin wilson
textiles trunk show and blog brunch, which i am
so happy about! i adore her work and i have a 
feeling i can pick a few things up for our new place :)
SF friends, come with me to the trunk show 
tomorrow, june 26th! details are well
as a few pictures of pretty SF welcoming us home.
^^ i'll be there, hope to see some of you in SF!
so happy the date worked now that i'm
home after 18 days! lucky lucky!

and, here's why it's always nice to come 
back to san francisco: i mean...
love you SF, cheers to being back and
starting a new chapter in our new place!


  1. Congratulations on being back in the wonderful San Francisco. It's such a hip and gorgeous city.

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I so wish I was attending that trunk show!


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