Sunday, June 8, 2014

earthbar comes to SF!

we love earthbar in LA,
so we are so excited that it
is now here in SF! we had to
stop by to meet the manager
up here and become friends :)
i even included it in part of our
anniversary scavenger hunt last
week because chase didn't know
they had opened a new location
up here in the bay! we love their
acai bowls because they are so 
natural and really make you feel
good. the acai they use has no
sweeteners/sugar so it tastes
different, but in a good way. we
love the punch of flavor and how
good we feel compared to other
more sugary/syrupy versions!
yum yummm. we made a little
stop here this weekend before
i had to take off to the airport.
we love this place most for the acai bowls,
but the pressed juices and other health
foods are top notch as well. this fresh
watermelon juice was so summery. 
 healthy cookies with 4 ingredients..
these are always the kind of things
i see on pinterest but don't have
the ingredients, so love that i can
pick them up here! 
^^ juice shots are my GO-TO
whenever i start to feel a little
bit under the weather. they are 
tough to get down but feel so good!
^^ the glorious acai bowl with 
all the healthy toppings. love!
 ^^ our four juice choices. the gimme greens was
my favorite, but the cold kicker made my
sore throat and sniffles go away!
thanks, earthbar for coming up north
to san francisco, and for starting
my traveling weekend off right
with some healthy goodness!



  1. Wow this looks amazing. Anything natural has my name all over it, lets hope the open one around me soon!

    xo. Kailagh

  2. Yum love the cold kicker juice idea and glad it worked for you!

  3. So excited to try this place when we move back!


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