Wednesday, June 25, 2014

highlights from home

aside from saying goodbye to my parents,
we had lots of other fun like always in SLC.
here are a few highlights to wrap up the trip!

^^ tried some new SLC food spots, including
taqueria 27. try their roasted guacamole por favor!

^^ i was so happy to catch a rainy day
in SLC while we were there so i had an 
excuse to go to einsteins with my mom 
for some broccoli-cheese soup + hot choc.

^^ love having these buddies to hang out with
when we come into town. we need a pup!

^^ i will never ever get over the view
of mount olympus from my street..
sorry, i just won't! favorite view.

^^ we got to celebrate chase's mom's birthday!
i'm so glad it was perfect timing that we were in town...
and we got the famous magelby's cake, world's best!
we love you shel and loved celebrating you!

 ^^ we also got to be in town for the baby blessing
of chase's nephew parker! such good timing! tay did
the best job and of course kenzie had a perfect spread
at her house complete with dodo sandwiches...

^^ can you STAND how darling their house is?

^^ wheeler farm outing with auntie em!

^^ lots of nephew time...parker, tagg, zach, and will too!

^^ shopping outings with my mama, i'll miss these!
next time we'll be having outings in johannesburg :)

^^ pedicures + snow cones. life's little delights!

^^ midnight showing of "the fault in our stars,"
tearjerker but so well done! i recommend both
the book and the movie...but you've probably seen it!

^^ baby zach is still as sweet as ever and only getting better.
can you handle this smile? we are all so in love with him!
also, walking to church with little tagg boy was one of
the highlights of my week...he held my hand the whole way!

^^ riding the train at the zoo!
i promise tagg loved it but he 
was too cool for the picture.. as
you can tell by his sideways hat :)
^^ hugs at the zoo. too cute! 
why is being an auntie the best ?

^^ i loved walking around the zoo with
the little ones and my parents. they really
are some cute grandparents and i'm glad
we don't have kids yet since they're leaving!!

^^ pool days and our favorite drink

^^ hiking grandeur with the family

^^ island flavor snow cones, some of the best!
(minus the hour long line)

^^ and, one last sunday night walk with
chase's family before flying home.

salt lake always treats us well!
until next time..


  1. Looks like so much fun spending quality time with family!! I haven't been to an Einstein Bros since college - they have the best bagels ever!!! While the shopping trips with your mom will be missed - i'm sure you'll send care packages her way for sure!

    1. glad you know & love einsteins...the best! xo

  2. Looks like an amazing week to me! Great food, outfits and lots of quality family time! Always love your pics.

  3. It looks like you had an amazing trip. I bet you will miss your parents so much, but at least you had a great last week together for a while, so you have those precious memories to hold onto!

  4. Love these pictures! I had been away from the blog for a month and finally got to post again. I think you'll really like it! Would love for you to come by!


  5. The picture of them hugging at the zoo?! STOP IT!

    1. haha right? they kill me with cuteness!

  6. how fun are all these pictures?! now you've got me in the mood for a hike

  7. Oh my gosh Baby Zach is too cute!! And loving your new ring!


  8. I love the walking to church photos! And the huge hug at the zoo!

  9. You really know how to capture the magic for us all! I love the memories that every picture evokes.


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