Saturday, June 21, 2014

boxes & blessings

the final few days spent with
my entire family before my parents
are off on their adventure............
^^ we helped them pack up their house for
the movers, that's when reality started to hit :(
^^ my dad starting to pack for 3 years...
can you tell what his favorite color is???
he has a little trademark that he only wears
green ties, so here is the proof of that.
^^ helping them pack---quite the job!
^^ little maddie mae doing her "sad face"
by the moving truck...don't leave us!


luckily we also had their setting apart
downtown and went to the temple which
was the sweetest memory. it put everything
into perspective and made us feel so at peace
about everything! it is such an amazing thing they
are going to do, and it's worth any sad goodbyes!
^^ here is a picture from the setting apart
with elder oaks. this is when the call became
official! it was a reminder of the reasons they
are going and what an opportunity it is. we heard
a few stories about south africa and the people there,
and it made us so excited for my parents..and to go visit!
^^ after the setting apart we attended this
pretty place all together and it's something
i'll remember forever. there's nothing like
having everyone together as a family, especially
in the best place possible. we had some sweet
moments and soaked up every second!
^^ the entire dunn fam, and my cute grandma ginny!
 ^^ couldn't love these two more
^^ jeff, dad, chase, brady,
whit, mom, gram, me, mindy
^^ some great guys!
^^ we ended the night with dinner at 
the cheesecake factory at city creek...
always a favorite. i will miss these gatherings!
^^ love the cute bond chase has with my grandma ginny
 like the title of this post hints,
i loved how this moving day and
temple night balanced each
other out! the stress and reality 
of my parents moving was taken away
by the feelings from the setting apart
and temple. it's what it's all about!


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  2. Thanks for posting all of this and capturing the memories so well. I love it and I love you! Good luck as you head back to SF today and interview for your Google job opportunities. I would hire you in a heartbeat!
    Love, mom


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