Thursday, June 12, 2014

i can track down a juice bar anywhere :)

living in california has spoiled
me when it comes to having 
healthy food all around. juice 
bars, salad shops, acai bowls,
you can find it all over the place!
i obviously love all kinds of food 
and eating, but after a week
of going out to restaurants
every night + lots of treats on
the road, i was craving some
pressed juice! luckily i tracked
a place down in steamboat 
springs...and it was one of the
best i have been to! JOOSE 
stands for june's original
organic steamboat essentials.
june is the cutest lady who
has always been into nutrition
and healthy eating, so when
it became a trend she was
already on track! she has
developed the BEST "superhero
smoothie" with 15 incredible
ingredients and no sugar.
i obviously had to try it, and
i could have it for dessert daily!
it's incredible. she knows her
stuff and has so much great
homemade food, amazing juices,
and more to offer. just while i
was in there, a customer came in
saying she had a stomach bug. june
knew just the thing to make for her!
you have to love a place like that.
it was so fun to meet june & britny, 
and i'll be back whenever i'm in
steamboat! you should too!

^^ the BEST combinations of
salads made by june. i felt
so so so good after eating this!
 ^^ so many kinds of juice, and i loved this
cold shot + watermelon juice. 
^^ look how homemade and natural it is!
vibration hydration was my choice and
i loved it. needed it after lots of hiking!
^^ my favorite part is that june realizes
that although healthy eating is the best,
we still need to leave room to indulge and 
have treats-- so she has lots of natural treats
to choose from, like these sweet chocolate pecans.
^^ the crew! it would be such a fun place to work.
 ^^ ingredients of the "superhero smoothie"
it was AMAZING! you can also buy the mix
and make it yourself. incredible and unique!
 i loved the space and loved getting
some healthiness in my body while traveling.
 thanks, june + britny!

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  1. That looks amazing. Love the bottles and that just looks like the cutest little place ever. I need to find me a juice bar asap!


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