Friday, June 13, 2014

dear colorado...

dear colorado, 
how do i forget how amazing you are?
you are like the switzerland of the U.S.A.
you were just what i needed this week.
i loved driving through your ski towns,
taking in the snow-capped mountains and
the green hills against the bright blue skies.
i loved having time to think and drive and 
walk and hike and breathe the fresh mountain
air. i loved meeting family here and watching
my parents bike all through the rockies during
their last few weeks before they move. i loved
soaking in the hot springs and having some spa
time and taking a big deep breath and having a
break. i loved trying the little ski town bakeries
and finding amazing views & seeing hot air balloons
& hearing the birds chirp. i loved being in ski resorts
during summer and feeling the hot sun at high 
altitude. i am a big fan of you, colorado, and i can't
wait to come back again soon. thanks for this week!
^^ these two houses...
 i'll take them both.
^^open roads
 ^^ picked up at the airport
by my cute dad with a j.crew present
in hand...who does that? 
 ^^ we found the best pancakes ever!! 
^^ seriously, those little colorado towns
^^ my kind of road trip scenery
^^ each ski town just got cuter & cuter.
{more posts on some of them to come!}
^^ loved supporting these cute 
bikers on ride the rockies!
my mom can hang with all the guys.
^^ seriously they biked about 90 miles
every day with HUGE mountain climbs 
so...they are crazy // impressive.
^^ mom + brother at an outdoor 
concert // festival in breckenridge!
^^ and in true colorado fashion, 
we did even come across some
snow early in the week!
^^ leaving the mile high city
^^ love this fam of mine, and we missed
everyone else! what a memorable week to
spend together before our parents are off
to south africa. more from colorado to come!


  1. I absolutely love Colorado, especially Breckenridge! What a beautiful time to go.

  2. I love Colorado! It's such a beautiful place.

  3. Aww the Switzerland of the USA... I studied abroad in Switzerland last semester so I thought that was cute! :)


  4. Gorgeous pictures. I've only been once and these pictures are making me want a return trip!

  5. You really captured Colorado's magical scenery and charm. Loved having you with us all week. It was the best ever. I love you so much and love what you brought to the week for us.


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