Friday, June 20, 2014

so long, farewell

last weekend we had all of the farewell 
festivities for my parents...with their
open house / going away party saturday night,
and their farewell talks and program sunday. 
it was lots of emotion and goodness wrapped up
into 48 hours! it was so fun to see all of our family
and friends and celebrate my parent's new adventure.
they also gave the best best best talks that were
so memorable + inspirational, and this guy played
the cello which was the most powerful part. i 
still have chills! the party and the farewell made
for such a memorable way to send them off!
here are some pictures from both events.
^^ my parents house repping the SA flag!
our cute family & friends helped so much
with the party and themed everything "african"
^^ best food on earth
^^ so many sweet friends came throughout the night!
^^ reunited!!!
^^ i have the best friends and i loved
seeing these girls on such a big weekend!
they are the BEST of the best.
^^ fun to try this south african treat!
^^ these two will be so sad when 
their papa + yaya leave, but i loved
this sweet picture of them by the SA flag!
"fixing their hair" for the picture.
my mom's friends feel like my own
friends and have made all of these events
so sweet. at least i know i have them to understand!
big events like this always remind you how
many amazing people surround you!
glad to know i'm not the only one who
will be missing my parents :) i wish
i had taken more pictures with everyone
who came but the night flew by!

and, the next day walking to their farewell meeting...
^^ world's most supportive friends
^^ walking home!

^^ and, let's not forget it was FATHER'S DAY...
how fitting! i had this shirt made for him because
he really is the best papa ever. hope he wears this
in south africa and remembers his main job title! :)
trust me when i say lots of tears are being
shed this week...but lots of happiness is
part of it too. i'm not looking forward to
saying goodbye, but i am looking forward
to visiting and hearing about their incredible
experiences every day over there! love these two!



  1. What a fun adventure for them and your family!

  2. Hi Emi, I don't believe we have ever met before.... but I am your Dad's cousin (Stori Ruhter) in Arizona. You have two amazing and wonderful parent's, which I am sure you already know. I love your blog - the topics, and photos are spectacular - what kind of camera do you use? I hope you are able to include updates about Africa and what your parent's are up to - or maybe they will have their own blog. : ) I wish you all the best, and love keeping up with the family adventures. Take care, Stori

    1. Hi Stori! Of course I know who you are! This comment means so much and I showed it to my dad, he loved it and sends his love. I use a Canon DSLR T4i camera and sometimes just my iPhone! I will for sure put updates from them on here, and they'll have a blog: !! Xo

  3. Sounds and looks like a lovely couple of days! What a great adventure for them!

  4. What beautiful pictures- Your family is too cute for words. And loved the party theme and little touches of Africa here and there. I hope they have a fantastic time!

  5. So fun! I hope your parents enjoy their new adventure!

  6. Such a gorgeous family! I wish them all the best in South Africa and I can't wait to see the posts from your inevitable trips to visit them! :)

  7. EMI

    i seriously DO NOT know how you are going to do this!! so bittersweet!

    i can't wait to see how they do! so many amazing experiences for you all up ahead.

    thinking of you this weekend!!!

  8. love all the decorations! also, your sunday outfit is so cute!

  9. how sweet, I love reunited parties with my family too

  10. Your parents are incredible! They are going to be fantastic. I hope you get to visit them! What a fun weekend and I agree, the decorations look so cute! I am so jealous you got to hear one of the piano guys play the cello!!

    1. Love you sweet girl! The cello was my favorite part, amazing!! Xo

  11. They are going to be amazing Em! My in-laws get back from their mission this next Saturday- 3 years goes by wayyyy faster than I ever thought. Plus, you can have another fun place to visit. :) Praying for you!

    1. i love hearing that! thanks sweet girl, adore you!

  12. This may sound kind of silly - but your parents friends look like they could be MY parent's friends. I don't know what it is. They seem so genuine, and happy - I love that you and your parents love to entertain as much as mine. :)

    1. that doesn't sound silly, that is the sweetest! i bet they would be friends and we would too :) cheers to great lucky are we!

  13. What a gorgeous family and a beautiful party! Best wishes to your parents on their newest adventure!


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